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About Me 

I write code. It's what I do best. I have been blessed (cursed?) with a brain that thinks just like a computer, structured and logically. My friends and my teachers would say that with a "gift" like mine computer programming is the only thing that makes sense for me to do. But I am not your typical computer geek. For most of my life I have worked outdoors doing hard physical labor, and computer programming work has been an excellent sideline. But a recent medical diagnosis has caused me to return full time to computers and writing the code that makes them useful. Below is a brief summary of what I can do for your business, please use the menu links to access more details about my abilities, experience, and client references. And don't hesitate to contact me to discuss the particular needs of your business.

Coldfusion Developer/Programmer

I have been working with Cold Fusion since its early beta versions. I have always found it to be easy to work with, easy to read, and very flexible in what it can do when it comes to producing dynamic web pages from any data source. It allows for very rapid application development and prototyping. Most of my work has involved customization of CFWebstore installations for clients, but I have also coded everything from simple form processing to full featured content managment systems from scratch.

New Web Development

Although ninety percent of my work has been done in Adobe Cold Fusion, it really does not matter what programming language is involved. If you can provide clear program specifications then I can provide you with structured, well documented code that does exactly what you wanted and do so in a timely manner. I will do this in the most cost-effective possible way. Sometimes this means finding already available programs and modifying them to fit your needs, other times it requires coding from scratch. But I will always make use of any components already available that will save you money or time unless you tell me otherwise. Learning a new language, if necessary, is a bonus to me and is of course non-billable time.

Modifying/Fixing/Finishing Existing Code

It might just be a sign of the times that the bulk of my work is as a mechanic: fixing, finishing, or adding new features to existing code.

All too often a business hires an "affordable" developer for a project and for unexplained reasons that programmer disappears part way through the project leaving you with unfinished code that is often broken and undocumented. In many cases a quick look at the code shows me that the developer got in over their head and after trying to patch together bits of code from multiple sources simply gave up. If your company has been left with code that is broken or incomplete, send it to me and I will fix it or finish it for you. If I can't do so, then I will admit defeat honestly, not charge you, and not disappear. In fact I will help you to find someone who can do what I could not, but this has not happened yet :)

Even more often, companies eager to establish a web presence or delve into e-commerce purchase an off the shelf (generic) software package only to discover that the program either does not meet all of their needs or does not allow them to run their online business the way they require it to run. If you have done this then contact me as I can probably help. If the program is open source then I can add features or change business logic until you have the perfect solution for your particular business. If not open source then I can help you find a more flexible or customizable solution and we can work together to give you a web site that is a functional extension of your business and not a handicap.


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